500 miles…fabulous Friday!

So today is Friday. I’m very glad. I’ve had a great week thanks to my good friends and my good dreams. (I love good dreams, don’t you?) I thought I’d post a few random tidbits that happened this week that made me happy.

Bryant Hornet Reading Club and seeing Mr. Cole again.

Watching TV with my 15 year old’s head on my shoulder. No better feeling in the world.

My 11 year old cracking himself up by telling me I needed to add The Proclaimers: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) song to my iPod for when I walk. Because you know the verse is: But I would walk 500 miles; And I would walk 500 more

The very yummy dream I had last night. Oh wait, did I mention that already? Well it deserves a 2nd mention because damn it was good.

Amanda Brice, my friend and co-blogger over at Fictionistas, had her beautiful baby girl on Wednesday. Even though Amber arrived a little earlier than scheduled, both mom and baby are doing well.

Girls Night Out and Carlos’s yummy flaming coffee drink that he made for us! And our new friends that we met. Too fun…

And finally, today’s note from the Universe was just filled with sparkly goodness:

Did you know, Melissa, that every time you cry there, harps go quiet here, angels stop dancing, and the stars look down in stunned silence?

Which is why we often say, “If Melissa ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.”
You are loved,
The Universe

And did you know, Melissa, that every time you smile there, it’s like sunshine here?

Have you had a great week? Please say yes…if not, you can borrow some of my sparkle. I have tons to share.

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