despite the odds

I’m in a great mood today, even though the odds were totally stacked against me.

Monday’s are always difficult at Chez Francis. I The boys don’t wanna get out of bed and once they’re actually upright, they never wanna get moving.

Today was greeted with an extra special batch of ARE YOU KIDDING ME when my almost 16 year old started harrassing my almost 12 year old for the 10 bucks he charged his brother to play with his Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Seriously, d00d? You’re damn near 16. Stop being such a grade A butthead. You haven’t messed with those cards in 2 years and the only reason you’re being a tool about it now is because your little brother wants them.

Yes, I just called my kid a tool. Doesn’t mean I don’t love him, just means he’s a teenager and frankly, they’re all tools at one point or another.

Still, I feel great today. I’m in a good place mentally (though I’ve slacked off on my exercise lately and I’m starting to feel it) and even though Christmas really isn’t my favorite time of year (long story) I’m beginning to feel a slight tingle of holiday spirit. Not sure I’m tingly enough to listen to Christmas music, but maybe that’s not too far away.

I wrote a little bit this weekend on a new series proposal that I’m actually really excited about. Did some plotting with the Amazing Tia Maria last night and she helped me figure out why I was stuck. Now I can unstick myself and move forward.

We had another movie day yesterday. Watched The Proposal and Doubt. Completely different movies, but very good. I actually enjoyed The Proposal more than I thought I would, BUT they missed some really good opportunities to increase the sexual tension and the love story. However, I laughed out loud several times and got to look at Ryan Reynolds for two hours. All in all I would call it a WIN.

I’m ready to watch Love Actually which is one of my favorite movies of all time. And just because I’m in a great mood, I’m going to link my favorite scene from that movie.

“Enough. Enough now.”

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