you know what’s weird?

Random weird tidbits that make up Mel…

  • I don’t like opening cans of biscuits because it kinda scares me when they POP!
  • Velour is physically painful for me to touch.
  • Coffee tastes better in my favorite coffee mug.
  • The smell of leather turns me on. I’ll never be able to join PETA.
  • Tomato soup is my fave but I don’t like uncooked tomatoes at all.
  • I love the flavor of pears but can’t eat them because of their grainy texture.
  • I used to only get pedicures before special occasions, but this year, I started an every other week tradition through Spring and Summer. I miss it.
  • My fingernails always tear when they get a little long. I’ve never had long nails (that weren’t fake)
  • I drive a 5-speed and keep thinking my next car will be automatic. Except I want a Jeep. And seriously, who wants to drive an automatic Jeep?
  • My 15 year old doesn’t want to learn to drive. WTF is up with that?

So are you weird?

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