um…where’d you go spring?


I was so distraught yesterday when I went outside because it was fargin’ cold! And I was all “you fargin’ ice hole winter! go away!” and winter was like, “no.”

Saturday I walked over 5 miles and got a little bit of sun. I wore a tank top and shorts for Vitamin D’s sake! It was near 70 degrees. And yesterday? It snowed in parts of Arkansas. Like snowed lots. And I thought for a brief, terrifying moment that the snow was gonna visit us for a little bit and in that moment, my spring-like life passed before my eyes.

So today it’s still kinda cold. And wet but it’s supposed to warm up and dry up. And tomorrow it will be near 70 again, so I will be near bliss again. But still, this is not how I wanted to start toward the end of THE MONTH OF MEL!

Today was almost a very bad morning. Guess what I almost did? I almost ruined my day by grabbing the box of Kosher Salt instead of the Raw Sugar (because let’s face it, everything is better in the raw) for my coffee. Um, yeah, can you imagine how not yummy that would’ve been? Thankfully the coffee gods tapped me on the shoulder just as I was about to pour the salt into my yummy morning nectar of wakefulness. Coffee Salvation was had by me!

This is spring break for the boys and I’m pretty sure they thought they were gonna nerd out and play video games all day, every day. But I’m kind of a bitch and have taken the cords away because they haven’t cleaned up the man cave (aka the penis cave) and they haven’t cleaned up their rooms…so until they do, no video games/computer for you! Hah! Torturing the chillrens is fun! I figure if I’m gonna pay for their therapy eventually, then maybe I should give them something to talk about.

Happy Monday Internet! Got big plans today? What did you do over the weekend?

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