so over it

Yup. I’m over this week. SO BLOODY OVER IT.

It really has been a rather craptastic week and just when I thought there was a silver lining? I came home to this in my driveway:

Let me tell you about the asshat who was driving too fast, missed the curve and took out my gas meter…then drove off. Yeah. Without stopping. But the awesome dudes at Centerpoint moved my meter out of the line of fire and had me up and running by 5:00. Thanks, guys. Y’all are rock stars!

Dear assmunch in the GREEN SUV in Bryant, AR,

Thanks for not stopping. I hope your GREEN SUV is permanently damaged.


The almost good news is, the cops think they know who did it, but they can’t prove it yet. Wanna know what gave the asschunk away? Apparently he drove the GREEN SUV into a telephone pole 3 miles away. They’re pretty sure it’s the same person. And that GREEN SUV is pretty damn damaged now.

Hah. Karma…she’s a bitch.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Karma strongly believes in what comes around goes around so if you continue to come around…she will make sure you get your go around…
It’s ladies night tonight.

Ahhhhh. There’s my silver lining.

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