puffy eyes, dokken shirt, fans and pictures

I’m better today. I think I have an eye infection. (see, I kinda sorta try to stretch out my contacts longer than I should cuz when money is tight, that’s not really where I wanna spend my cash…) Problem is, now I have to spend the same amount going to the doc and getting some antibiotic. Stupid, dumb writer chick. You just can’t teach common sense, ya know?

So this week I’ve been walking around with a puffy right eye. I kinda look like I’ve been punched; especially first thing in the morning. The eye runs constantly and so I also have a runny nose. Claritin D helps with the swelling and the runniness, but not completely. Yeah, I’m a big fat swollen hot mess.

Last night was trivia night (4th place again! Still #2 overall!) and I brought a couple of books to give away. One to a 14 year old daughter of a competing team memeber(BTW she was GORGEOUS! and now I’ve decided that she and my 16 year old need to be IN LURVE by the end of the summer. Cupid? Do you hear me?) MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU is our #1 nemesis…but they are a lot of fun so we cut them some slack. Especially since they got beat by FARTSMELLERS last night. LOL (FARTSMELLERS are pretty cool too, and my youngest sone thinks they have the best name ever so maybe he should defect to their team. TRAITOR!) So anyway, when I met John last week, he said his daughter was a huge reader and he called her and she immediately looked me up on the internet and said she wanted to read my book so I promised her a copy. (longest run on sentence ever?)Jaqueline came to trivia night last night, I brought her a book and signed it, we hugged, we bonded…and she wanted a picture of me.

Okay, remember the puffy eye? Um yeah. Me, no make-up, a big ol’ puffy eye…AND MY DOKKEN CONCERT SHIRT FROM THEH EARLY 90s. But I sucked it up and now she has a collectors item. Because seriously, that is one ugly ass picture of me. (Jaqueline, please come back next week. I promise to look presentable and we can take tons more pics if you want!) I was happy to take a picture with her even though I looked like I had been rejected by the Grim Reaper.

John was so appreciative that I brought his daughter a book, but honestly I am happy to do it. I always feel like giving 1 book to a new reader is a great way to spread the word. All I ask of the person I give the book to is that if you like it, please tell your friends to buy a copy and to write me a review somewhere. Tit for tat and all that. 🙂

I also brought a copy to our Trivia Jockey (TJ instead of DJ) Brent. He’s a great guy and entertains the hell out of me and he always plays my favorite songs…so he deserved a copy. And I gave a copy to a friend of my brother. 3 copies total. I guess all in all, despite my stay-puf face, I had a great time last night.

BTW: 2 months from tomorrow…LOVE SUCKS! will hit the shelves!!!

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