a mel-o-jumble

Okay, random stuff day.

First off, go see Despicable Me. Seriously. Wonderful movie. Heartwarming. Funny. Fabulous.

Secondly, The Bachelorette is off the deep end. Balls to the walls full of BS and craziness. If you think that show is really “reality” tv, then I want whatever it is your smokin’. Or drinkin’. Or poppin’. Because there is nothing real about that show.

It’s not even fun to make fun of anymore. Bleh.

However, the BACHELOR PAD looks like it’s made of chocolate covered awesome and is dying for me to slice it with my biting wit.

LIE TO ME is one of the greatest shows on earth and nobody should miss it. Yes, it comes on during the first hour of the Bachelorette, but trust me when I tell you, it’s worth watching. I actually think it’s more real than the reality show…

I cleaned my room this weekend. Scary stuff was found in some of the unpacked boxes. Like pictures of me from elementary, middle and high schools. Also some college pics in the late 80s when I had short permed hair and GINORMOUS FREAKING BLUE GLASSES. I don’t even know if I can scan them to show them, THAT’S HOW BAD THEY ARE.

Clementine is pregnant. That little teenaged Tart. She’s not even a year old, and I have no idea where the Tom is hiding because we have 6 acres and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of the horny bastard, but it’s happened. We’re gonna have kittens. So you guys get ready…because depending on how many are born and how many survive…I’m gonna hit you up internets! I’m too young to be a Kitteh Grandma! Would that be GrandKittehMa?

Here’s a pic of the little ho-bag in a box. Because you know cats and empty boxes…

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