Pow! Bam! Wammo! and check out the Pink Camo!

Thank you, Kitteh for sending this link. Best. Pug. Ever. (Next to Ruby, of course)

In other news…wanna take a sneak peek of LOVE SUCKS!? Go here. It comes out next Tuesday, yanno…

And it more fun news…Lola did my toes yesterday (sing with me! Her name was Lola, she was a toe girl…) Check out my Pink Camo Toes (NOT to be confused with Pink Camel Toe….ewwww gross)

And finally, yesterday was No-Wine Wednesday…(orange vodka–fewer calories) and we celebrated one of our favorite waiter’s (Trey) Birthday–with a limerick.

There once was a waiter named Trey
Who celebrated his 13th 26th birthday
He wanted a gift
But became quite miffed
When all the girls gave him was word play.

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