BABY GOT BACK! and Front! and Books!

Last night was chocolate covered awesome!

First off, I signed books at the Literacy Signing. And while I was doing that, I met my new favorite person: Helen.
Isn’t she adorable? And she’s fun, too. I told her she was going to be made famous in my blog today, so here I go making her famous. Helen was sent to me by a regular reader of my blog (HI LESLEE!) I can’t tell you how excited that made me! I was like a goofy little girl, all giddy and stuff. I channeled Sally Fields for a moment last night, “You like me? You really like me!”

Here I am at my little spot:Keep all cleavage remarks to yourself. I’m pretty sure I heard them all last night. DANGER: CURVES AHEAD!

After the signing, Maria Geraci’s family adopted me and we ate dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant in the Swan. Our waiter was Fabiano and he was Fabuloso! (ok, true story here: We were discussing how I’m 41 years old and in all my many years, I never knew the Dolphin was both a fish and a mammal. And the Dolphin hotel is named for the fish not the mammal! I couldn’t figure out why the Swan had pretty swans everywhere and our hotel just had that weird looking fish!) Anyway Fabiano became my most favorite ever because he said “If it makes you feel better, you don’t look even close to 41. I would have guessed 31.” Ahhhh Fabiano! You just earned yourself an extra 10 spot in your tip!

After dinner, Maria and I joined the Divas for some Karaoke. There are pictures of me, Keri Ford and Amanda Berry doing a damn fine job of Baby Got Back–unfortunately I can’t find my camera cord this morning so you’re just gonna have to wait.

Trust me, they will be worth the wait….Thankfully, there is no video evidence. *she says as she runs off to check you tube just in case*

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