the word on the street

Fan letters for LOVE SUCKS! are rolling in… (okay, I’ve received 2. But who’s counting, right?) So far, so good! Which makes this camper, a happy camper.

In other news, I found my camera cord, so there will be Big Butt, So What BABY GOT BACK pics soon… Maybe.

Supernatural Summer is featuring one of my photos in their caption contest. Pop over and play!

Last week, (a teen writing site sponsored by HarperCollins) featured my writing tips in their blog. Wanna get Melducated? Stop by!

I met fellow Fictionista Gwen Hayes in person this week. I have a big Heart On for her now…even bigger than before. She is what Awesome wishes it could be!

Last night I hung at the waterfall pool with my new friend Tyler. Tyler is almost 12 and a Scorpio, which means we’re perfect friends. I’d kinda like to hang at the waterfall pool today, but there are workshops to go to…maybe I can sneak away for a little while…

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