a fangastic time was had by all!

My book signing for LOVE SUCKS! was yesterday. Check out my new fangtastic ring that my sweet friend Ell-Bell gave me. (She also is the one who gave me Count Smurfula. She is my favorite girl in the world)

The signing was a success. 65 copies of LOVE SUCKS! were sold, 12 copies of BITE ME! we sold out of BITE ME! but that didn’t stop people from ordering them! YAY!
I had several friends from high school come to support me. I’m truly blessed with wonderful people in my life.
I owe a huge thank you to Fishdog for designing my new bookmarks (which are wonderful) and taking care of all the printing for me. He also designed the table top sign for me.
Books-a-Million in North Little Rock is the best damn bookstore in the state. Pam Houk and Chris Barton and all the other awesome associates seriously rock my socks off. If you live in central Arkansas, you should be making all your book purchases from this store. Trust me. They are awesome.
I posted these pics at Fictionistas today, but I’m gonna repost here for your viewing pleasure.
The first pic is me and my rotten boys. The 2nd is me and some of my classmates.

I had the best day and the greatest weekend. I have surrounded myself with a fabulous circle of friends and am truly the luckiest girl in the world.

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