six inches plus

did you click the link cuz you thought I was being dirty? Sorry to disappoint. Pure as snow here.

For reals.

The boys and I will be having an epic battle of snowballs today.

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours pushing folks out of our ditches. People in the south just can’t drive in the snow. Plus, the roads got bad really fast. I-30 is closed and probably will be for a good long while.

Ruby isn’t a big fan. It’s way too deep for her little legs and it freaks her out. I like watching her hop around though… I’m mean, I know.

As much fun as we’re gonna have today, I can already tell you I’m ready for this stuff to go away. I like it in small doses. I like that usually the day after it snows, it’s sunny and 50 degrees. I’m not a fan of being trapped in my house…especially since I have no car. (It’s in the shop) Not that I’d be driving anywhere anyway. BUT if I had my car, the knowledge that I COULD drive somewhere would keep me from feeling so trapped.

I guess it’s a good thing that it snowed while my car was in the shop though. Now I don’t have to bum rides from everyone–including my mother. 🙂

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