a battle to the death and more…

It was an Eskimo Ninja battle of epic proportions that was fought without honor. Blood was shed. It was awesome!

Ruby actually embraced the snow after a while. She ran and hopped and played until she started shivering so much I was afraid she was gonna give herself brain damage.

We built forts that were pretty awesome. Double A (my niece) and I built snow bricks with a box and a plastic basket. Eventually Rader left the team of 4 boys to join us…and our fort rocked. The boys just packed snow over some plastic containers. Our snow fort was actually a fort, thankyouverymuch. Girls rock!

After the fort was built, we began to stockpile our ammunition.

While this was going on, the boys sent Ian over to “spy” on us.

There were no clear winners (hahahaha we kicked ass!) but a good time was had by all!

In other news, the sun is out today and the snow is already starting to melt. Thank goodness. I already feel the cabin fever eating away at my brain. (Mainly because I don’t have cable TV and daytime TV sucks!) Yes, I know, I should be more productive and do something like clean my house or finish laundry–but it’s a snow day! Who wants to work on a snow day?

Hope all of y’all are safe, happy and warm. Currently, I’m dreaming of a beach side hammock, a cocktail, and sexy cabana boy named El Jefe serving my every whim… 🙂

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