humor and my awesome kids.

Sometimes I’m funny. This is a true story. I’m not even making it up. I can sometimes make people laugh.

And sometimes I only make myself laugh. But seriously, if I don’t make myself laugh, who will?

This morning, I made both boys laugh until my oldest asked me to stop because he was gonna have an accident and he wasn’t talking about pee.
I told him that would be a problem for me because my love stopped at teenage poop. There. I said it. I put a condition on my love for my children and that condition is poo.

This did not help the laughter situation at all, btw. But he managed to control his guts, which is good because I totally would have put him out of the car with $10 and said, “Good luck with that.” (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration as there is currently no cash in my wallet. Sorry kid.)

Anyway, I’m just glad I can crack my kids up. I figure this will go a long way in the future therapy that I will be paying for. At least they can laugh at how screwed up I made them.

I had another, almost perfect moment with my youngest this week. We were getting our geek on at the Science Fair. When it was over, we had to brave the bitter, 40 mph winds to the car which was almost 2 blocks away. In a burst of simultaneous awesome, we started singing TALK DIRTY TO ME by Poison (it had been on the radio earlier). So there I am, with my 13 year old son, racing across middle school campus belting out an 80s hairband classic. In the midst of this musical moment, a couple of girls passed us and yelled “Hey Rader’s Mom!” and I stopped singing long enough to yell “Hey strange girls I don’t know!” and then we continued on.

Yes, I am a very lucky momma. If there’s one thing I’ve ever done right in my life, it’s my awesome kids. Even if I have effed them up a bit…

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