day of love hangover

Hope everyone properly OD’d on yesterday’s forced day of love.

Actually, I don’t have a problem with Valentine’s Day, but then, I’m not the kind of person who needs a holiday to give a gift or send a card. Or write a little note.

I’m a giver like that. no comments necessary from the peanut gallery. *ahem*, that means YOU.

The problem with being a giver is I get sooooo excited sometimes that I can’t even wait to give the gift. Like last weekend, I found this awesome Hot Wheels Airship and I had planned to just leave it somewhere for El Jefe to find after I left for the weekend…but of course, I pretty much walked in the door and was all “I totally have something awesome for you here let me show you it!” (and I’m sure I said it as all one word…)

Heh. What’s a girl to do?

Anyway, El Jefe and I did our V-Day stuff over the weekend (it’s lovely waking to the scent of roses in the morning…)so yesterday it was all about my friends and my kids. And we had a great time, eating food we shouldn’t be eating and laughing a lot.

Not really sure how that’s any different from any other day, but whatevs. It was the Day of Love and we had a lovefest.

Then we piled into my bed and watched Mike and Molly and Hawaii 5-0 while Kitty G entertained herself by boxing the mirror and playing with a hairband. FOR HOURS. (Have you watched Mike and Molly yet? That show is so funny!)

I hope you were treated to something very special and that the only coupons involved were from a book of love…

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