pucker up!

Do you know how hard it is to send a pretty pucker to your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Very hard.

My puckers were not the prettiest of lips today. I tried…OH how I tried to get the right pucker. But…It just wasn’t happening.

I really wanted to send the perfect pucker:

But it was blurry and the lighting was weird. Would El Jefe care about all that? No. But I did.

So I tried again…different lights; different angles; different distances from the lips…

THOSE pics will not be seen by anyone. Mostly I just looked like I had been punched in the face. Not very romantic…

So I went a different route. I sent him a note, S.W.A.K (you remember sealed with a kiss if you were around anywhere near the 80s…) And I texted him a Valentine’s Day smile… which is much better than a punched-in-the-face pucker any day.

We went to Oaklawn with some friends on Saturday. It was the perfect day to introduce El Jefe to the art of throwing your money away on the pretty ponies. He actually won some, so it wasn’t a total bust. 🙂 We had a great time, and the weather was awesome. OMG soooo awesome.

I almost wore my new sexy shoes to work today, but it isn’t quite close enough to spring to be wearing them yet. Even if the weather was pretending to be open-toed shoe weather…the reality is, it’s still February and I do have some sense… (for the record, they look fantastic with my brown pencil skirt…)

Happy love day everyone!

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