It’s gonna storm tonight and rain most of the week through the weekend. That doesn’t make moving stuff from one state to another very fun. (not that moving stuff is fun anyway)

The Mominator’s new bionic shoulder is still giving her trouble but she has more mobility now, which is good. The other good thing is, I got to go shopping for her yesterday. I love shopping.

While shopping for the Mominator yesterday, I found these. I would be the proud new owner of my very own Sock Monkey Slippers had they not all been sized to fit an Oompah Loompah. I WILL own a pair. Soon.Ruby, Kitty G and Chicken Nugget were very happy to see me yesterday. Clementine appears to have abandoned ship. Hopefully she’ll come back around before the storms hit. She does tend to be a wanderer…

I am going to the beach in 15 days and I can’t wait.

And now for your random pet pics…Ruby and Kitty G were yesterday’s subject. Chicken Nugget was being a diva so I didn’t get any shots of him…

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