skinny, lucky, hot, friday!

Because I’m such a dork, I totally took a pic of me in my skinny jeans this morning.

Now look. I know the skinny is really “skinny” but whatever. I haven’t worn these jeans in almost 2 years when I got down to my lowest weight since forever. And then I kinda sorta started eating everything that didn’t run away from me. (because if it ran from me, I would have to chase it…and well, that was exercise.) Anyway, I’m back in my “skinny” jeans and I’m damn happy about it…and SO ARE YOU. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

I’m also feeling rather lucky today because I was walking from my car to my office, looked down into a patch of clover (that I look at everyday) and what did I see?

That’s right. A four-leaf clover. My inner leprechaun jumped out and made see it as I was walking by, so that makes me not only “skinny” today, but “lucky” as well.

Now let’s talk about hot.

It is freaking HOT outside and I’m loving it. I’m sorry, but I’ll take 95 degree days over snow-covered 20 degree days anytime.

I mean, I know Little Rock isn’t a mecca of snowfall, but honestly, we had our share this year. And then the rain as well. So as far as I’m concerned, sunshine and HOT is most welcome here.

And it’s Friday. I have no kids, no plans, and no worries. Well, I am going to clean my fur-infested house but other than that, I’m hoping a certain someone’s pool will be blue again and that I can find myself lounging beside it at some point. Or maybe there will be a certain party barge that will have a charged battery and I can tool around the lake one day. Because I’m afraid I’m losing my tan and we can’t have that happen! It’s only June 3 for corn’s sake!

Happy weekend y’all!

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