this picture says it all

Bobcat Greyskull has been mostly on his own for a few days since my air has been out of service and we haven’t been staying at the Easy Bake Oven house. Last night, I stayed there (even with 3 fans pointed toward the bed, I was soaked with sweat until after 2 am). Anyway, BCGS was in full Spazzatron mode last night. That look you see there? That’s what I experienced for 4 hours non-stop.

I have been punished appropriately for my sin of abandoning him. I apologize BCGS. I won’t let it happen again.
This morning, I bounce out of bed, totally well-rested force myself upright, rubbing the lack-of-sleep tension out of my neck and shoulders, get ready for work, hop in the car…only to see the SERVICE ENGINE light come on. And when the car is in idle…it’s revving. On its own. Like it belongs in a Stephen King novel…
Mom offers a ride. We head toward Little Rock with a song in our heart…only to be rear ended by some idiot who said “I slammed on my brakes!” No dude. You slammed into us. Anyway, my momma let him have it. I’m pretty sure he had no idea that a 72 year old, 5 ft tall woman could be such a badger. She made him take his bluetooth ear piece out and told him he needed to start paying attention to the cars in front of him, not whoever he had on the phone.
There was no damage, which was good, but he hit us hard enough that I was jolted forward and I will probably be hitting a chiropractor this week.
And that was my past 24 hours….so how was yours? I think I’m winning the one-up stories lately! So go ahead and try to beat me…

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