I have no title so suck it Trebek

I hit the reset button yesterday after the morning from hell and overall the day turned out okay. My air still isn’t fixed, but they swear it will be taken care of TODAY. I’m pretty sure they had the part shipped from China via the Pony Express. I hope it’s repaired today because I’d actually like to go home and do stuff like laundry before we head out of town on Friday. (Hey Oxford…are you ready for us?)

My Bachelorette recap was posted yesterday. I’m pretty stoked about seeing the next episode of drama when we meet Ashley’s crazy freaking sister Amy Winehouse. She looks and acts like her, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s who she is…It’s gonna be a good time, y’all.
I really wanna Yard Art Farm. Yes. I have a thing for large metal animals. ESPECIALLY the 5ft Giant Metal Flamingo that Galaxy Furniture has. El Jefe and I have decided we should buy one of each of the metal animals and position them around my flower bed like it’s a trough…and then just move them all slightly each day so it looks like they’re alive.
But whether I do a yard art metal animal farm or not, my life may not be complete without the giant metal flamingo. I’m for serious.
Especially since Lumpy the Drunk decapitated my little metal flamingo a few weeks ago. A GIANT metal flamingo would totally rid the place of all negative energy. Like burning a bundle of sage by the doorway. Only it’s PINK and GIANT and in my yard! (and not on fire, because there is a burn ban right now…)
and now…just because this always makes me laugh like a loon, SNL’s Jeopardy. I totally heart Will Ferrell. I know this isn’t right on so many levels, but I can’t help myself.
Also…suck it, Trebek.

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