what’s in a hammock? and other stuff.

Me! I’m in a hammock!

(Not Pictured: El Jefe)

Last weekend in Oxford, we stopped by a sporting goods store which I for the life of me can’t think of the name right now. I think it starts with a K. Something like Kincaids or Kincannons, or maybe Kancoon. Who knows? And who cares, for that matter. El Jefe has had his eye on these hammocks, you see…and now we can swing from the trees as we were meant to do. His is all manly in Army green and navy and mine is perfectly bright and awesome like me. They are technically double hammocks, so when it cools down, we can snuggle. I say technically because I’m pretty sure they are only double hammocks if you’re both anorexic and only 5 ft. tall. But whatever. We’ll try it…when it’s no longer Eleventy Million Degrees outside.

I worked my booty off yesterday. (Sadly, it came back overnight) I mowed and blowed (leaves) and cleaned my porch and poisoned weeds, and tried to have a heat stroke… And now my yard looks fantastic! I’m pretty sure I did all the outside work to avoid doing all the inside work. My house is a bit of a pit right now and I keep procrastinating. Wait, it’s not procrastinating if I’m working in the yard. RIGHT?

Now it’s time for the gratuitous doggy pics.

Saturday I went to Robyn’s house so that we could enjoy the pool for our last hurrah before she moves. I’m sure gonna miss that pool, but I’m really looking forward to the new digs and my new guest room. (it’s the room where the wine bar is, btw) So here’s this year’s Robyn and Mel in the pool shot:

Compare that to last year’s Mel and Robyn in the pool pic:

Farewell my blue-watered friend! You will be missed…

Oh! And El Jefe and I went to see the very much anticipated (by me) Jon Favreau movie COWBOYS AND ALIENS. I wanted to love this movie so very much because I love Jon Favreau so very much. The only word I have in my vocabulary to describe it… Meh.

And that makes me so very sad. It was okay. Wait for the DVD…

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