paperclips and grilled cheese

Why do you think my titles should have anything to do with my actual blog post?

There was a new review of BITE ME! posted last week that made me smile. I love it when someone picks up my book reluctantly and then ends up thinking it kicks Twilight in the ass pleasantly surprised. Makes my day.

I painted some metal outdoor furniture this weekend. My hands are all cramped up now, but it makes it easier to hold a soda can. No effort at all now. So if holding a soda can (or beer bottle) has been a problem for you in the past, just spray paint furniture for several hours at a time and that problem will fix itself!

I was going for beachy colors, but wound up with Easter Egg colors instead. But it’s an easy fix. Gonna repaint the blue table — Orange(originally I had wanted to be more of an aquamarine than pastel.)

El Jefe and I also split time on the John Deere. Lots of mowing occurred on Saturday, thanks to the massive amounts of rain we’ve had (finally) over the past 2 weeks.

Sunday, we made our way to Birdrunner’s new place where El Jefe worked on electronic stuff while we talked about putting boxed stuff in the attic. It was a planning session, you see. No actual boxes were put in the corner, because nobody puts boxes in a corner! (or an attic) I also enjoyed her new deck and water feature. As well as the Bud Light Lime.

I also ate nachos.

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