blog title? yeah, not today.

Holy crap, it was a busy weekend. Rader played in the Gold Division of the President’s Cup this weekend, and his team (The Deathcats) won the tournament! This means we are eligible to head to Greensboro, NC in June to represent Arkansas in the Regional tourney. How awesome is that? The last game was quite tough, as we had a very strict ref. He didn’t take no BS from anyone. So a player got ejected (well, he did throw a punch), Fishdog got ejected for yelling (after several warnings), a couple of parents got lectured and warned and a few more players were also sternly warned. And the game looked more like a rugby match than soccer. Lots of hitting, tripping, cursing, a few punches thrown (not even kidding) and mouthing off by parents and players alike. Fun times.<–NOT

Congrats Deathcats! Y’all played hard and you deserve the medal! For some action shots of Rader in the goal, go here.

It ended up being a beautiful fall weekend. My favorite kind of weather. Warm and windy with leaves raining down everywhere. Ruby, Clementine and I walked by the pond yesterday afternoon and I took some pretty cool pics.

And since Bobcat Greyskull isn’t allowed outside yet, I took one of him, being all cool and stuff:

My claws. Let me show you them.

I hope y’all had a great weekend. I did..but I’m glad it’s over…

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