nothing much and a flamingo

I really don’t have anything substantial to discuss today. Not that I ever do, but sometimes I like to kid myself. (okay, all the time I kid myself. Shut up. It’s my blog. If I want to be in denial, it’s allowed.)

I’m having lunch with my bestie from high school today. SUSHI! I’m very excited about this. So excited that I even put on make-up today.

I’m also wearing underwear. <–You’re welcome.

Maybe today will be a wine lunch…I’m off the rest of the afternoon…may as well make the most of it. (as if being off work really matters…Oh wait, sure it does…it’s the difference between 1 glass and 1 bottle…I mean, nothing.)

OH and check out the newest OMG I WILL DIE IF I DON’T HAVE THIS SOON item. My friend TTB sent it to me last night. Look out, Target. I’ll be there later to collect my awesome.

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