that just happened.

See how cute I am in my exercise gear? Even at 5:15 a.m. Yes, that’s before the sun, y’all. Before. The. Sun.

Reluctantly, I got out of bed, but by the end of my 45 minute walk, I felt great. I added some lunges and a few (okay, a lot) of booty shaking into the mix and it was pretty awesome. (I’m so very glad it was Before. The. Sun. so nobody could witness said booty shaking.)

Anyway, yay me! Maybe next time I’ll take Ruby.

BTW: Objects in blog and in Melf’s imagination may appear slightly different in reality…

In other fun news, woo boy my Bachelor recap is up. We have metaphors and euphemisms for days, folks! Go forth and read.

Bachelor Ben Episode 8: The Final Four showdown begins

In other, other fun news, Hey Don’t Judge Me was voted Weblog of the Month. Awesome, huh?

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