Oh. My.

You know how when you make plans and then Karma throws a wrench at you and you can’t dodge it? Sigh. Yeah. (I swear I could dodge a ball, though! I swear it!)

My brakes are grinding to a halt. So today I’ll be spending a half-a-million-billion dollars to have them fixed. You know why? Because I finally had a little padding in my checking account. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS THIS WAY.  Screw you, Karma. I’ve paid my debt plus interest. Go away.

Sorry. I really hate being negative. I hate it. I’m around it all the time at work and sometimes it seeps into my otherwise awesome and sparkly disposition.

Okay, I’m done now. I will not drown in my own pity party. It’s not like it changes things anyway…it just makes me no fun.

And you know, I’m all about the fun. and Sparkle. I need some sparkle. or a sparkler.

In news of the AWESOME variety…El Jefe and I will be sitting in the same room with Mr. Sulu tonight!

That’s right! George Takei in in Little Rock and will be giving a lecture for the Clinton School tonight and I’m totally gonna stalk him! I can’t wait. He’s so awesome.

I guess the silver lining to getting my brakes repaired today is that I get a half-day off to enjoy this beautiful weather. It’s gonna be 80 degree and sunny all day.

Oh. My. Indeed.

2 things

  1. Go to Fictionistas for pictures of my adventures in getting to the STAIND concert. Totally worth it. It was a hot mess Saturday full of drama but the end result was awesome.
  2. Go see Star Trek. If you can, go see it in IMAX. Best movie I’ve seen in forever. Amazing. Worth a full price ticket even–and I never say that. Ever.