Month of Mel 2012: Day 13

Hah. Get your minds out of the gutter folks…

So my momma called me yesterday asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her nothing, which is absolutely true. My mom has done so much for me over these past few years especially, and that is gift enough. Then at work, I had several folks ask me what gift I asked for…and I realized, I don’t really think it’s a gift if you have to ask for it.

When I posted about the history of the Month of Mel, I talked about I almost always planned my own birthdays…all the way down to the gift–if there even was a gift at all. (in my adult life…my mother rocked the birthday world growing up.) I’ve never once been surprised for my birthday. (I think this is one reason I love giving gifts so much.It gives me great joy to see the appreciation of a truly well-thought out, meaningful gift.)  So if I ever really did want something for my birthday–it would be to be surprised. To have someone pick out something just for me, to care enough to make me feel special for one day. I want my gifts to be personal and given with love. I want to feel like I don’t have  to celebrate an entire month to make up for feeling overlooked and taken for granted for so many years. Also, jewelry. Every girl wants jewelry.

And that’s something I would never ask for; but it is something I can always hope for. /semi-serious Month of Mel post.

In other news, IT’S TUESDAY BITCHES. Who needs some sparkle because I have plenty to spare! Also, I found my 3rd & 4th four-leaf clovers of 2012 yesterday. I’m feeling lucky…

OH…and The Bachelor: The Final Rose recap is live. After the Final Rose will be up later… is up now!

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