Guess who contacted me to wish me a very special birthday? I’m placing it under the cut because it my offend some of your delicate sensibilities. (If it does, you’re probably new to me…Hi! I’m Melf and I am an adult, and this is my blog, and sometimes I say adult things. Also it’s my birthday, so there. Also, you should go buy my books so I can quit my day job.)

I KNEW MATT DAMON WASN’T OVER ME! I’m sorry EL Jefe. But it’s Matt Damon. I know you understand… 😉

It is the Day of Mel and my co-workers brought me colorful sprinkled donuts! El Jefe took my car to be fixed (because he is made of awesome). My girlfriend is apparently buying my lunch today (and by “lunch” I mean “wine”) and my boss just gave me the afternoon off to celebrate (okay, she didn’t want me coming back to work hammered. whatever.) Life is pretty awesome.

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