oops! I had mail!

Fishdog informed me today that he discovered a glitch in the code of my contact form page…therefore I haven’t received many of your emails! ACK!

So sorry about that. I did respond to all of the ones he found and forwarded to me. I am especially thrilled to report that I got fan mail from Romania! Woohoo! That’s a first!

The biggest question asked was “will there be a third book in the series.” I’m sorry to report that it doesn’t look like it, at this time. But y’all keep spreading your love for the series and who knows what will happen?

I read all of my fan mail and try to respond in a much more timely fashion. I promise. Nothing makes me smile brighter than reading happy notes about something I worked very hard on!

Thanks to all of you! (except for the anonymous ones that thankfully I didn’t have to read due to the glitch…)

In other news… well, it’s Friday. And I’m very glad about it. I think I’ll go to lunch with my college boy and after work, I will take a walk. It’s too pretty to stay inside…

Of course, you know that means it’s gonna rain now, right?

Happy weekend, y’all!

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