weekend roundup

Friday was a laid back evening. Rader P and I watched The 5-Year Engagement which was quite funny. El Jefe read his book because “it is a movie with a wedding in it, therefore it is a chick flick.” I think there is a flaw in his thought process…last time I checked, The Hangover was a movie with a wedding in it and I don’t really think it qualifies as a chick flick. Oh well. Rader and I enjoyed it.

Saturday was very busy. I made Cheeseburger soup, salad, and garlic bread for my friends who’s little girl is going through her 6th(?) round of chemo. Maybe 7th. Either way, too much chemo for one sweet little body to go through. There is a Facebook page dedicated to her progress and they post tons of pics and updates if you’re interested in checking out the prettiest little princess on earth.

I also made some yummy crockpot chicken.

I got my new kicks in and planned to go walking DOWN BY THE RIVER, but the rain stopped me, so I had wine with Robyn instead.

Oh and my sweet little piggies were devastated, humiliated, and shat upon this weekend by Alabama. Dammit Bobby! Why’d you have to hire your little bimbo?!?!?! That’s okay, my spirit is broken, but not gone.

Sunday was a day of shopping for great deals at JcPenney. Ian and I rocked out some bargains and had a good time, to boot. Then I forced myself to go to the gym because it was raining again. And I have bootcamp tonight so I needed to make sure I got in a little exercise this weekend.

Boardwalk Empire is back! So crack tv night is almost restored.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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