now what?

So, Ian had 5 teeth removed yesterday. He didn’t feel great last night. Had a long night, but the meds helped. He was fun to watch, I’m not gonna lie.

He ate Ramen for breakfast today, and seems happy. Looks like life is getting back to normal.

Since I’m home today, I am in charge of deChristmasing the house. I really don’t want to…mainly because I hate packing the holiday up. However, this house is tiny, and we need every ounce of space available. So we say goodbye to the Pimp Tree and the Flamingo tree and all the other holiday awesome in this place.

I’m heading to the gym today, too. Remember how I was doing bootycamp and loving it, but I had this awful elbow pain? Guess who has tennis elbow and hasn’t played tennis since college? Yes. Me. Ugh. And let me tell you, that shit is painful. They should call it something like JACKHAMMERING RAILROAD SPIKES ELBOW.  Tennis elbow sounds so benign. I can’t even squeeze a tube of toothpaste with my left hand without wincing in pain. WTF?

I have an appointment with a chiropractor next week and have high hopes we’ll be able to realign my cranky neck and shoulders and fix this freaking messed up tendon and muscle situation. I have plans to rejoin bootycamp in February, and have the half-marathon in here goes nothing. At least I can walk/run without worrying about the elbow. I just can’t weight train right now.

Now what? It’s 2013. Jefe and I are both working. The kids are happy. We’re happy. Life is good. Now let’s just get my elbow fixed so I can squeeze the toothpaste and open the car door again.

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