2013: Day the 3rd

I kinda like this and will work on applying it to my life. Especially #5. Haha. I think WAY too much. I need medication to help me think less. I think the one I’ve heard the most about is called cannabis, sadly it’s not legal here. hahahaha

How was your New Year? Mine was absolutely wonderful. There was lots of laughter, champagne, and more laughter. My kid and my Domestic Partner crack me up. (yes, I’ve decided to call Jefe my DP from now on. It’s awesome.)

We had a FRINGE marathon New Year’s Day. I got to start the show from the beginning and now I’m hooked. Two things I’ve taken from this show that are awesome:

“Excellent! Now let’s go make some LSD!”

“Peter. This is me, Walter Bishop. Your father.”

From now on when I call Jefe, this is how it’s gonna go. “Jeffery. This is me, Melissa Francis. Your domestic partner.”

I may have to call him every single day just to say that. And of course, when the conversation is over, I will be sure to mention making LSD.

Wow. I’ve mentioned 2 illegal drugs in this blog…that has to be a first. Whatever will you think of me? What do I care? It’s funny.

Ian is having his wisdom teeth removed today, so I’ll be at home this afternoon to take care of him. My mother-in-law had surgery last week, and I’m taking her and Poppy some soup at lunch. I gotta take care of the people I love, doncha know?

Okay folks, any resolutions this year? Any revolutions this year? Or revelations?

*chin fist* tell me about them…

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