7 weeks and counting down…

The Little Rock Half-Marathon is in 7 weeks.

Probably I should get off my arse and get busy, huh?

It’ll be a good time. I can’t wait. I gotta order my awesome tights for the marathon. I’m thinking either  Pink Tiger (rowr!) or Tye-Dye Skulls….

Either way, I’ll be awesome.

Speaking of me being awesome, check out my new boots:

These were my Christmas gift from the boys this year. Aren’t they fantabulous?

Let’s see, what else is going on? Nothing but smiles over here. It’s such an amazing feeling when you release the negatives from your life. Too many people need to stir up trouble to make themselves feel better. I used to let that bother me. Now, I just let that bother them. It’s kinda freeing.

 I missed Rader this weekend (even though I would have sworn to Pete that I was ready for a break from his chatty-Cathy self). I really enjoy hanging out with my kids. They make me laugh so much. Good thing he’ll be back tonight for non-stop entertainment!

Hope your weekend was a lovely as mine. Sparkle on, my friends!

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