yo. whassup? nothin’ much over here

Except for my gross swollen arm from a spider bite.

Stupid spiders. No wonder I hate you so much.

So here I am, back on antibiotics. Thankfully, just one day of the antibiotic cream and the swelling and redness has gone down. I have to pick up my oral meds today, apparently they were out. Yes, I know. Go figure…So glad I wasn’t concerned about sepsis or anything.

Mother’s Day is this weekend. The boys are taking me to brunch that morning, and then we’re spending the day together while Jefe works.

I’m so sleepy today. I blame the Benadryl which I had to take last night because of my grody spider bite. (grody is an official scientific term.) Stupid grody spider.

That’s why I love this so much: Spiders are Scary. It’s OK to be afraid of them.

In other news, Ruby is still Ruby.

Hope y’all have had a spider-free week. If not, I hope you were able to get the bastard before it got you.

1 thought on “yo. whassup? nothin’ much over here

  1. Spiders ARE grody commodey! (again technical term grody commodey) Laken has nightmares about spiders and he is 4……..I think 4 year olds know stuff. Ruby is a star!


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