As in, let’s “ketchup”!

Ugh. that was horrible. And now I want fries.

First off, happy belated mother’s day to all the moms who don’t suck.

Check out my awesome Mother’s Day gift that my cool boys got for me.

They tried to find me the perfect flamingo they said, but this is perfect. Me gusta mucho.

Update on the spider bite:

Friday I woke with a super swollen and painful arm. Weird. But it’s probably because Walgreens sucks now that they’ve purchased all the USA Drugs and they never seem to be able fill a prescription timely anymore. Apparently they were out of my antibiotic and didn’t bother to tell me prior to texting me that my prescription was ready. So when we get there, they let us know it’ll be ready tomorrow. And it was…around 5:30 pm. Which allowed the toxin/infection another 24 hours to grow. And so, I was pitiful and whiny on Friday while I waited for the meds to kick in.

Saturday I was all better, so I cleaned up my yard.

OH…Why was I cleaning my yard? Because another Hammered McHammerstein decided to drive through a tree in my front yard. She was on Xanax, not booze. That didn’t stop her from getting arrested. Trust me. Here’s some pictures, and if you want real entertainment, watch the video at the end of my blog. Yes. She was followed and filmed. It’s kinda like my own personal episode of COPS.

So I sawed up the giant holly bush she mowed over, and Jefe finally got to the tree in the back yard that broke during the ice this winter. We did LOTS of sawing. And hauling. And I still need to get the left over car debris from the yard before I mow… yippee.

And Mother’s Day started with pancakes and ended with cheese dip with a lot of John Deere time in between. All with my boys… THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!

Now, for your viewing pleasure…Hammered Driving:

4 thoughts on “ketchup.

  1. Um first of all WOW. I mean I dont even know what else to say about that little episode of COPS you had in your front yard!! Drugs are bad MMMKKKK? LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring!! So cute. The boys have excellent taste…..Like their mom! Im hoping I dont fall in to the "sucky" mom category. I mean I am with Laken 24/7 that makes me a good mom right? If I am always stuck to his side taking him to every event???? I sure hope so I wouldnt want anyone to think bad of me! At least I dont scream at him or call him names and mock him. I think that should give me SOME points.Sorry about the spider bite. can I just say EEEEWWWW without sounding judgy?? I love you and all but I dont do well with puss OR spiders. Yesterday when i bought wine **GASP** I got a dollar bill with my change that had glitter on it. I felt like you were saying hi.


  2. LOL. Well, you are definitely a sucky mom. I can't even look at you without judging you. *rolling eyes*I frankly don't care what anyone else thinks of my parenting style. haha. If I did, I probably wouldn't have had kids. The only people that really matter are our kids. What they think. And they know we don't suck. I was saying hi. Probably, there's some glitter on you box of wine somewhere, too. hahahahaha


  3. Well I feel like you are just a pixie skattering glitter adn happy all over!!Yea Laken knows I am awesome and the boys know you are………eff everyone else! We need to do brunch again! Laken had so much fun with Ian and Rader! And yea, yea…….judge away. **purses lips and struts off**


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