Good? vibrations…

I must be putting off some kind of weird vibe or pheromone this week. Seriously. The creepers are coming out of the woodwork! And it’s not just me…several of my friends have had weird creeper messages, FB inboxes, texts, and experienced generally inappropriate behaviors from strangers.

Maybe it’s the planetary alignment or something. Isn’t there an eclipse coming up? That’s gotta be why the weirdos are making themselves known.

Hmmm. The Solar Eclipse isn’t until the 10th. Are we gonna have to deal with the crazies until then?

I’m in another goofy mood today. I think the barometric pressure is getting to me! Or maybe, I’m feeling a little wacky because the weather dudes are predicting snow in Northwest Arkansas for tomorrow. SNOW???? in May!? It’s supposed to be cold on Friday night, possibly in the 30s. WTF happened to spring? This has been the strangest weather pattern I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s Thursday…Let’s get this weekend started early, shall we? And creepers beware. I’m in no mood for your awkward and socially unacceptable propositions. Move along to someone who actually requires attention to feed their insecurities and make themselves feel better… Your services are not needed here.

6 thoughts on “Good? vibrations…

  1. My creeper is Merci Mc. Really?? You didnt even spell it right dont you mean Merci Me????? At any rate I said no thanks to the friend request from Merci who had NO other friends, NO profile picture, and just created his/her page yesterday! But lets be honest Mel…….you are awesome and smokin hot……who wouldnt want to do ya? Am I right or am I right??? Im just saying!"someone who actually requires attention to feed their insecurities and make themselves feel better… " SERIOUSLY????? BEST.LINE.EVER!!!!!!!!!! And this is why I love you. Have a great day and I hope Robyns stalker goes away. I really dont have the money to hire body guards for you two……can you both just tone down the sexy? I mean just dial it back a couple notches please!!


  2. I'm pretty sure Robyn and I can take care of ourselves. We always seem to be able to come out on top. šŸ™‚ And I'm not certain that the creepers have anything to do with our sexy… it's just we have approachable smiles/faces. We aren't stern or mean looking and there are numerous pics of us laughing…so probably that just puts them at ease… Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.At least your creeper didn't get a chance to message you! LOLI'll work on toning down the sexy, but as you should know, it's just hard being US sometimes. šŸ˜€


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