you have one job today…ONLY ONE

And that is to buy at least 2 copies of Maria Geraci’s latest book: BUNCO BABES GONE WILD

Don’t make me come after you. Cuz trust me, I will cut a bitch.

Now, if you want to take your chances and try to win a copy, I will allow you to buy ONE copy and then head over to Maria’s blog to find out how you can win another copy. But ONLY after you’ve purchased a copy first.

Today’s the day!

It’s on the shelves!

If you’re unable to run out and buy it today, never fear, you have several chances to win a free copy.

My friend Diana Peterfreund is giving away a copy on her blog.

I’m giving away a copy on the Knight Agency Blog


I’m doing a contest on Fictionistas for a copy of the book, some swag, and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Go forth and win!

(of course, you know that even if you win, you’ll still be required to buy at least two copies of my book. It says so in my bio…)