let the making of fun begin

Yesterday my friend stinkydog announced her intention to openly mock anyone wearing these shoes.

Let the mocking begin, because I ordered myself a pair.

NOT because I think they’ll make me skinny, cuz that’s just BS. But because I thought they were really freaking cute. I ordered them in bronze. No fringe. (sorry stinky, even I couldn’t go there)

I love flip-flops and I needed a brown bronze pair, so there. They are really cute and if they actually do make me skinny, then the joke’s on you.

Speaking of not so skinny, I exercised quite a bit this week, but apparently not enough to do any scale damage. I was up a half a pound which SUCKS ASS. Especially since I worked really hard this week to stay within the parameters of the diet. The good news is, I’m down like 5 inches…so I guess it is working, one way or another.

I watched Top Chef last night. I just love this show–but am I the only one who thinks this season is full of a bunch of entitled whiny titty-babies? Good lord. I needed a valium by the time the show was over. Dale stresses me out. And what was up with Spike goading Jen like that. And dudes, don’t you guys know that when the judges are talking to you and telling you that your dish sucks, you should just nod and say “you’re right. I can do better.” Damn. I think half the time the chef that gets so defensive is just talking themselves into a trip home.

On the storm front, we’re supposed to be getting more tornadoes today. Fun stuff.

What’s going on in Thursday-ville for you guys? Anything fun?

Lovely Amanda is talking about Jane Austen over at Fictionistas…


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