I’m still alive–but

But the house isn’t finished. I swear, next time I go on strike, I’m going to prepare and freeze 2 months of meals in advance and hire a weekly housekeeper. (of course, I hope by ‘next time’ I’ll already have a housekeeper coming every other week…) I live in a frat house with animals.

So today’s goal is the living room, finish the laundry, mop all the floors, and organize my bedroom closet.

Part of the organizing is going to entail getting rid of shoes I don’t wear, as well as all the clothes I’ve ‘undergrown’ (because I’m not going back).

I’m also going to the gym today…I registered for my March 15 race this morning, so I have to make sure I’m going to be able to actually run that bitch. YAY ME!

I posted some pics on Ficitonistas from Saturday’s day with the boys at the races. Pop over and see them! I’m also going to be over at FCR today sometime. It’s Monday, so I’m making the rounds!

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