my biggest fans are smurftastic!

Ryan, my 10 year old nephew is my self-proclaimed biggest fan. He’s all the time talking about when BITE ME! goes to Hollywood, how he’s gonna be in the movie. And how he can’t wait to walk down the red carpet with his Aunt Mel.

Now, he’s never read my books, but he knows that one of the main characters is named Ryan which means he is a very. important. character. He has to be, right?

Well, my nephew is obsessed with my books being a big hit and he very badly wants me to write a 3rd book so the other day when I walked into his house he hands me a piece of paper and says, “Here’s your 3rd book idea.”

And now (with his permission of course) I’m going to share it with you:

The Final Bite
Author Meilisa Francass
Melissa Francis

The drama continues when one day Ryan was hit with a pistol andgot sent back in time to England and he meets his greatest challenge when himand his new friends have to fight Dracula and his vampire goons. Now they haveto kill dracula before sunset (I think he meant sunrise) [&]find out newromance in THE FINAL BITE.

That is truly a story made of 10 year old awesome.

Another thing that is made of awesome?
My friend’s daughter saw this and just had to buy it for me! Right now I’m calling him Count Smurfula but I’m thinking he might need a better name. What do you think? Any suggestions?

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