reviews! fabulous reviews!

Check this out! It makes me so happy to know that people who haven’t read BITE ME! (um, why not?) are able to pick up LOVE SUCKS! and enjoy it.

I love this review. Thank you so much!!! Especially this part:

When my power was out for 8 hours I sat in the car with a book light glued to my paperback copy, laughing my butt off and cheering for new favorite characters. I may not have read the first book, Bite Me!, but I can tell that Melissa Francis has been able to bring something new to the vampire world, which many of you know is a rare thing today.

Something else this author seems to have a talent for is balancing out characters. I can’t tell you how tired I get of seeing people try to write from a first person point of view with an attitude and not be able to hold together a real emotional connection with the story. But Melissa Francis did
what they couldn’t, and I commend her for it.

YAY! I love to be commended! (oops. Did I type that out loud?) When I read, I love to lose myself in the story…and when I write, all I ever want is to affect someone the same way. Thanks for a great review, Arya!

Here’s another review from someone who hasn’t read BITE ME! that made me smile. (dudes, y’all need to get a copy of BITE ME! quick, fast, and in a hurry…) I especially loved the last 2 paragraphs:

AJ Ashe is left preparing for a new arrival to her paranormal Brady Bunch Family but she also has to contend with an unfortunately sexy professional vampire trainer. All the while being chased around by creepy nasty things that don’t exactly want to be friends with her. It’s not very often that I enjoy the entire family in a book. Usually there is that one person who just ticks me off. However, I didn’t find that with Francis’ book. I really enjoyed all characters marked as ‘good’.

I have to admit it, for the past week I’ve been in a reading slump. No interest to read a book what so ever. But to my surprise, Love Sucks! brought me out of that slump and back to my more constant reading level. While this book might not be of my top interests (I am tired of vampire romances) if it was capable of stirring my imagination and bringing me back into the reading world then I applaud it.

Thank you very much, Erica. I’m so glad I could help you get out of your reading slump!
Also, I’ve gotten lots of inquiries about a 3rd book. I do have an idea, but I can’t promise it’s gonna happen…I’m certainly gonna try though! (BTW, THE MORE COPIES OF BITE ME AND LOVE SUCKS THAT SELL, THE BETTER THE CHANCES ARE FOR A THIRD STORYjust sayin’…) In the meantime, I’m working on a new series proposal that may not be filled with fangs, but it’s certainly sprinkled with sparkle…

Sparkle on, Wayne.

Sparkle on, Garth.

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