The Bachelorette: because Mags wants to know…

My thoughts on the Bachelorette:

Okay, y’all know I make fun of this show mercilessly. Last season’s show with Jake the Fake and Vienna Sausage was like the train wreck of awesome served with the bottomless bottle of Kim Cattral Crawford wine. And calorie free lemon tarts. I mean– it don’t get more awesome than that.

Ali Cat’s season was a little different, mainly because it was so totally producer driven that it became difficult to watch. I know this isn’t ‘reality’ tv no matter how hard they try to tell us it is, BUT when the drama is created in order to keep people watching because the show is so damn boring otherwise, well, it makes it no fun to watch.

And that’s kinda what happened with Ali Cat’s season. They created the ‘Rated R’ drama. They created the ‘Kasey’ drama (how much you wanna bet they paid for that tattoo?) They knew Frank wanted out but made him stay til his leaving would be more dramatic. This was probably the most UNreal Bachelorette ever. And it showed. (Though I’m gonna give Frank his props for his acting. Well done, Sir. I believe you need to forget your screenwriting career and start auditioning for film or tv.)

I think the producers knew from the beginning that Ali was gonna choose Roberto and they wanted to distract everyone from that. They edited the hell out of their time together. (Side note: poor sweaty Roberto! Someone give that man a towel!) They tried to give Chris L’s edit more oomph with the mother thing…(which damn they over did) and they really wanted us to believe she and Frank were gonna be happy 4-evah so that we’d be devastated when he left. But honestly, who’s devastated over this show anymore?

I loved Chris L. but there was no way she was gonna choose him. I have to say, I really respected the way Ali Cat dumped Chris. She didn’t allow him to come to the final rose ceremony because honestly, that’s just mean to humilate a dude that way. “Will you marry me?” Uh no. I love the other guy more. But you’re awesome. Thanks for playing. (this is when the producers hide all sharp objects)

The proposal was adorable. It was obvious they have very strong chemistry and are very excited about each other. Will it last? Bah! Maybe. They have a better chance than Jake the Fake and Vienna Sausage did, that’s for sure. Do I care if they make it? Nope. But the romantic in me kinda hopes they do, cuz I’m a sap like that. Maybe love can conquer all…even unreality tv.

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