dangerous curves ahead.

Do you know how strong my will power is?

Here, let me show you it:

My will is SO STRONG that I managed to walk away without buying this Spongebob skully and glove set. I wanted it. Oh, my how I wanted it. But I didn’t succumb to the bright yellow siren call. I walked on by.

Yes. If this were Oh Brother Where Art Thou, I would not be turned into a horny toad because I resisted the lure.

I did manage to do some damage at Forever 21 yesterday though (no age comments from the peanut gallery…I am NOT too old to shop there, so suck it.) New jeans and a gorgeous one shoulder assymetrical sweater that I will wear with my brown pencil skirt at my signing on Sunday. I’m gonna have to wear a Dangerous Curves Ahead warning sign. Eat your heart out Christina Hendricks! (haha! Ok, maybe not quite…but a girl can dream, right?)

Oh and btw, I’ve now decided that when they make a movie about my life, Christina Hendricks will be replacing Jennifer Coolidge (aka Stifler’s Mom) in the starring role. Because DAMN that it is one curvy, hot red head. It’s my dream! Let me live it!

I’ve got a big weekend planned with fun, friends, and football. If you’re lucky, I’ll post pics on Monday. 🙂

Y’all have a great weekend and Woo Pig Sooie! The Razorbackses is up in here…

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