a melfellaneous mish mash

So, the big ‘controversial’ news this week is that the AP Stylebook has removed the term “illegal immigrant” and officially replaced it with “undocumented immigrant.”


You know why it’s good? Because immigrants are human and humans cannot be illegal only their actions. They are literally people who entered the country illegally. This makes them undocumented (adjective describing the lack of legal paperwork to support the person’s presence) immigrants (noun the defines a person who comes to a country to take up residence).

It is illegal (adjective describing an action not authorized by law) for any person to immigrate to this country without documentation. Therefore they are undocumented immigrants.


If we don’t see them as humans, we begin to lose our humanity. Yes, we need immigration reform, but more than anything, we need to remember that immigrants (documented or otherwise) are human.

What else did I want to talk about this morning?

Oh yeah! My kid asked me this morning if I would take him to the hazynation reunion show this weekend. OMG. LOL This is a band that I first saw when they opened for the Gunbunnies at Juanita’s…another local favorite band at the time. We were at almost every local show they played for the longest time. There was this one chick who was also at every show that we called “Windmill chick”. She was awesome. She danced by windmilling her arms and doing this hoppy march to the beat.

Hmmmm. Anything else? The weather was awesomely stormy last night. There were some tornadoes in the state, but the majority of Central Arkansas just endured heavy rains, thunder, lightning and wind. And the temp dropped to in the 40s after being 80! Once the house cooled off, it was perfect snuggling weather.

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today is hair day! My Go Go Red will be shining bright like a ruby today!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Mel-O-Jumble. Get your sparkle on and make these clouds go away, you hear?

4 thoughts on “a melfellaneous mish mash

  1. Have we synchronized hurr day??? Im getting mine done today too!!! YEAH…….the red is more a dusty copper at the moment and Im not loving it. Also I LOVE Hazynation!! Ah the old Juanitas…….I miss it. What great acoustics in that joint! I saw Blue October there for the first time and MANY times following that initial show. I am going to see them in Dallas on the 17 and honestly I think I may pee may pants with excitement!! "Illegals" I mean I realize that we cant just let people come to this country without going through the proper steps, but I am really sick of people acting like they are somehow better than the people who are NOW wanting to come and live the American dream. Guess what? unless you are Native American…………..YOU ARE FROM IMMIGRANTS!!! So irritating how people are two or three generations off the damned boat but somehow they are too good to welcome people who are looking for the SAME freedom and opportunities our great grandparents were in search of. There is a reason its called "The Melting Pot". Jeez, I really am a damned bleeding heart LIBERAL……..AND I like it!!! Also Im on sparkle overload today!! IJS


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