Good? vibrations…

I must be putting off some kind of weird vibe or pheromone this week. Seriously. The creepers are coming out of the woodwork! And it’s not just me…several of my friends have had weird creeper messages, FB inboxes, texts, and experienced generally inappropriate behaviors from strangers.

Maybe it’s the planetary alignment or something. Isn’t there an eclipse coming up? That’s gotta be why the weirdos are making themselves known.

Hmmm. The Solar Eclipse isn’t until the 10th. Are we gonna have to deal with the crazies until then?

I’m in another goofy mood today. I think the barometric pressure is getting to me! Or maybe, I’m feeling a little wacky because the weather dudes are predicting snow in Northwest Arkansas for tomorrow. SNOW???? in May!? It’s supposed to be cold on Friday night, possibly in the 30s. WTF happened to spring? This has been the strangest weather pattern I’ve ever seen in my life.

It’s Thursday…Let’s get this weekend started early, shall we? And creepers beware. I’m in no mood for your awkward and socially unacceptable propositions. Move along to someone who actually requires attention to feed their insecurities and make themselves feel better… Your services are not needed here.

I’ve got a plan

I know that those creepy little Elf on a Shelf dudes are evil. However, I have decided to get one…and he’s going to be so awesomely happy, he will not be decking my halls with the blood of the innocent. Or my blood, for that matter.

We really want to avoid scenes like this at all cost…

If I go missing…y’all look for me inside local wells, basements, dark corners where dark deeds can happen… I’m afraid I’ll be rubbing the lotion on the skin for Buffalo Belf.

Elf on Shelf is almost equal to Clowns for me…but I will overcome this creep-factor. One day at a time…