in the world of WTF?

Look. I get it. I’m funny. I joke a lot. I’m sexy and awesome and have lots of fun. People dig me.

So, when you friend me on FB and ask me just how “liberal and open are you?” and then proceed to proposition me to “help you and your wife out in the bedroom.” I need you to understand that is immediate grounds for a big Facebook Block.

Also, when you proposition someone that you haven’t seen since 9th grade? You might wanna be good looking. Or at least, not gross. No wonder you guys need help in the bedroom.

Probably it would help your mission if you didn’t post racist comments on the person’s page that you’re propositioning. Especially AFTER said person asked you to stop. Because THAT SIR, is a huge turn off.

I’d tell you to go get fucked, but obviously, you’re trying. Just without any hope of success.

And one more thing…all the “Incest Likes” on your page? Not helping your cause either. I am obviously not THAT open or liberal.

I need a shower.

In other Facebook world, this blog post made me LOL.

25 Common Facebook Statuses and What They REALLY Mean

Truth in sarcasm. My favorite.

Facebook. It’s making people look dumber and dumber everyday. C’mon people, it’s social media. Use it for fun. Stop being so damn stupid.

Okay, I’m off to the gym where I shall sweat off the grossness of my indecent proposal. Have a happy humpday! (hahahaha! How appropriate)

5 thoughts on “in the world of WTF?

  1. Hey gurl. You sure do gots a purdy mouf. My old lady and I want you to come over to our trailer and get nekkid wif us. You recon you gonna do that? Im sure hopin ya do cuz my sister aint a-wantin to do me no moreyour big daddyEarlThat is serioiusly what translated in my head after reading the "proposal" he sent. AND as I said before of course she lets him have girlfriends. She doesnt want his fat nasty ass on top her her. HEEBIE JEEBIES!!! EEEWWWWWWW!


  2. *like* Yeah. The whole thing was totally skeevy. I told Jefe about it and he was all AWESOME! you got invited to a 3some! and I was all, it's only awesome if you're actually tempted. hahahaha


  3. Its only awesome if they are attractive and their family tree forks at SOME point. Here is the rest of his conversationHey gurl. Just sos you know my sister liked doin it and all til daddy knocked her up. Otherwise we wouldnta been needin no new meat. Hope ya thank about itBig DaddyEarl


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