whew! what a weekend.

photo(122) See how tired Ruby is? Poor girl, she just can’t keep her head up.

(You should have heard her heavy sighs and puggly growly noises…)

So Friday I got to take Rader Tater to Oxford! Which means I got to see some dear friends and have a low-key dinner at a new-to-me place: The Bar on North Lamar…which is officially The Lamar Lounge.

The food was great and the atmosphere was chill and a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning, Drea and I walked to another of my favorite places, The Honeybee Bakery. Excellent brunch…but one of the weirdest experiences ever. For some reason, they thought it was appropriate to ask us to remove our hats! Um, no. This is not some ‘chi-chi’ swank place in New York. This is a bakery.  So we told them, yes we minded (OMG, we had just walked over a mile to get there, it was hot! And our hair was a mess under our hats) and we asked if we could sit outside to eat our brunch. They approved our request and we enjoyed our quiche and our hats.

The boys had decided to get their dad another frog item or a goat item for Father’s Day. (He has a thing about frogs and goats) We talked about a wind chime or something to hang up in the yard. I was given permission to do the frog hunting for them, since they weren’t able to get together and go themselves like they did for me. There is a new garden store on the west side of Oxford called The Barn and I found a really cool wrought iron and stone frog and the boys approved.

While we were out shopping, I finally got to try on a pair of MONKEY SHOES! I’ve wanted a pair since forever, and finally spoke to someone who was able to help me find the right oneW3333s to suit my needs. I really want to use them for my run/walks…I’ve always been a barefoot girl at heart, so I figure these shoes will be perfect for me.  (btw, the ‘real’ name of these shoes is Five Fingers, but whatever. They’re MONKEY SHOES!)  I can’t wait to order me a pair.  Probably next month! YAY ME!

I drove back to LR on Saturday, and watched The Dark Knight Rises with El Jefe and Ian. Then Sunday we had a cookout at the Compound with Lynne and Stacey Jay and her fam. Burgers, dogs, watermelon, guacamole, wine! It was an awesome day.

The weekend ended with the return of TRAINWRECK TV…also known as True Blood.

Oh, and Jefe is so damn sweet. He bought me some plant food for my maters and black out curtains for the boys’ rooms because he is so full of awesome.

Stay tuned for a letter to Walgreens…because after last Friday…we are NEVER, EVER, EVER getting back together.

5 thoughts on “whew! what a weekend.

  1. I want some monkey shoes too BUT, le sigh, I am far too po!

    I try to let Laken do the stuff for fathers day. We made Pops a book and Laken colored and drew pictures of what ha and Pops do together, and what Pops favorites things are. Its really beyond adorable! He put much work in to that book and is very proud. I must admit I didnt go out of my way to do anything for Laken’s dad……..I mean he never does anything for me even though I always get him a gift (with Lakens help) for Christmas, his birthday, and Father’s Day but not this year. For two reasons……….he doesnt make the effort to help Laken do those things for me AND I have no way of getting it to him anyway.

    Sunday was a great day. I have NO idea why I was so exhausted but man I was beat! Bella did not wake up ONCE through the night! She acts like a crazy woman at your house and literally wears herself out. It is cute though and good for her!

    I already miss Stacey J 😦 I still can not believe how well Laken and Logan got along. Like NOBODY cried or tattled on each other! Im impressed


    • I think it’s important that the gifts come from the kids. I always made sure they were the ones primarily involved in the picking and I always tried to make sure they understood it should be ‘personal’. And if there was a non-personal gift because that’s what their dad wanted, I still made sure the boys were involved in doing something like drawing a picture or a card or something like that.

      Sunday really was fun. I was pretty exhausted after all that grilling! and yes, Logan and Laken are like bruthas from otha muthas! They are so damn cute together. I’M TRYING TO MAKE STACEY STAY. So far, I am failing in my mission. It’s back to California she goes… boohoo.


      • What if we kept Logan??? Then she would have NO choice but to stay. Thats illegal isnt it? DAMMIT!!

        I agree………presents that I know would be sentimental were always my favorite to give. I try to relay that to Laken. Pops will like his handmade book far batter than anything we could have bought. I wonder how he and The Manny are doing today? Im not going to bother them I dont want them to think I am worrying LOL


  2. Ozark Outdoor in the Heights is discontinuing them and their entire stock is 50% off. Unfortunately, they are running low so I would recommend getting there soon!


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