a confession from Wine Wednesday

Okay, this is nothing like Texts from Last night…I mean, I suppose it COULD BE something like that, sometimes. But since this is about me and there is no way to make this anonymous…my confessions from Wine Wednesday will just be funny little innocent stories that happened last night.

The rest of it will stay in the Wine Wednesday vault.

First off, I have discovered I love every Sauvignon Blanc (that I have tried so far) that comes from Marlborough Wineries. Now, I haven’t tried them all yet, but here’s a short list of the yum that I have tried.

Villa Maria
and my current favorite: Kim Cattrall Crawford

These wines just make me wanna yell More Cowbell WINE!

So the last few Wine Wednesdays have been funny because every time we yelled More Cowbell WINE! our glass was magically filled! It had nothing to do with our awesome server, Trey. I’m sure of it. It was just MAGIC!
Actually, I think it was leprechaun magic because for some reason, we were suddenly inspired to write limericks and haikus (hey, our magical leprechauns could LOVE haikus. So shut it.) On cocktail napkins.

Naturally, the more we yelled More Cowbell! Wine! the naughtier the limericks got. We will NOT be showing you any of those. And just in case you get the wrong idea about me, I did NOT write any of the naughty limericks. Nope. Not one. I promise. (No my fingers aren’t crossed?! I’m was just trying to snap them behind my back and they got tangled up!)

My FAVORITE non-naughty limerick that I wrote was simply a masterpiece…because I managed to rhyme my favorite red-headed waiter named Thomas with the llamas.

Oh yeah. That’s awesome right there.

And I swear, it wasn’t dirty. It’s more like Dr. Seuss.

There once was a boy named Thomas
Who always kept his promise
So when his car broke down
On the way out of town
He had to hitch a ride on some llamas!

Now, I will admit that maybe, just maybe there is another version where I might’ve actually rhymed Thomas with Lorenzo Lamas. And it possibly is naughty. But there’s nothing out there to prove that…

haiku hatred

Yesterday, while on twitter, I joked about having an all haiku twittering day.

I was unprepared for the deluge of Haiku Hatred replies that I received. Totally unprepared.

I had no idea that people hated Haiku. How can you hate Haiku?

My new TBF (TwitterBestFriend) @jenthegingerkid (visit her online at http://jenthegingerkid.blogspot.com/) threatened to unfollow me if I twittered in Haiku. Of course, this devastated me. How could she unfollow me over Haiku? Everyone loves Haiku.

But then the @replies continued to pour in. Only three of my Tweeps encouraged me to Haiku. (and that @amiestuart only wanted me to so that @jenthegingerkid’s head would explode)

So I gotta know:

Why you be hatin’
What has haiku done to you
Don’t be a hater

I will admit to having to stifle the desire to haiku all day today. I also will admit another little secret that I don’t think @jenthegingerkid picked up on this morning…my first tweet to her was a haiku. My oppositional-defiant nature couldn’t resist.

MelissaFrancis: @jenthegingerkid
good morning my friend.
Did u get a good nt’s sleep?
Have u missed me much?

Oh yes. I’m good.

Of course, now that I’ve outed myself, will she forgive me or will she unfollow me? We shall soon see…