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Let’s get the housekeeping out of the way, shall we?

There is a lovely review, interview, and a chance to win a copy of BITE ME! going on over at the Wayfaring Writer’s blog. Go forth, read, comment, and get a chance to win!

Team BITE ME! was again victorious last night, taking first place for the 2nd week in a row and claiming the #1 spot overall at Touchdown Sally’s. As always, we had a blast. And Brent, thanks for reading my blog yesterday and playing some of the songs I posted. Especially the Ida Maria song. It’s infectious.

Did I tell you I found a sock in my purse? It’s true. I’ve named him Lenny.

Yesterday I found 6 four-leaf clovers bringing my total to 10 found since March 18. Here’s a link to the album…I’m keeping track this year to see just how many I find.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Um, wow. I guess I got nuthin’ except for a pretty smile and an extra dose of sparkle today. So I’ll just sparkle on…. mmmmkay?

A very special guest: CNBC’s Melissa Francis!

Y’all have gone and done it now. You’ve gone and googled Melissa Francis CNBC one too many times.

Each week it’s something new. Usually it’s all about Melissa’s legs, or inquiring about her marital status…but this week–this week you googlers have googled something new.

Is Melissa Francis pregnant?

I can assure you that neither of us are…how can I be so sure about the state of her uterus? Because I emailed her and asked. (actually I believe I said “according to my stats, you are expecting a Melissa Francis, Jr. Congrats if it’s true.”

After we exchanged a few emails, we decided I should conduct an interview for all you googling looky-loos out there…so here goes:

1. Are you pregnant?

I have to wonder what part of my anatomy is sending this signal. Perhaps I ate too much on vacation. Maybe I’ve let our CNBC stylist tailor my clothes a little bit too snuggly. I’m doing sit ups now while I’m typing, by the way.

2. Are you married or do you have a boyfriend?

Larry Kudlow is my TV husband, but alas he is already spoken for. I think my other tv spouse from MSNBC, Contessa Brewer, is way out of my league. Does this answer your question?

and the most often searched for item is about your awesome legs so tell me:

3. How did you get your awesome legs? (please deny working out in any form…)

That is very flattering. It almost compensates for the pain inflicted by question #1. I did run track in high school… I even did a Frosted Flakes commercial that involved me running hurdles when I was an actor in LA… but these days I mostly run to the set when I’m late for my show because I’ve spent too much time admiring David Faber’s hair in the make up room.

4. Have you read my book? (BITE ME! HarperTeen 2009)
I am still waiting for my signed copy.

5. If no: Why not? If yes: Wasn’t it awesome?

The press on it has been outstanding, and I know it is required reading among vampire elite. I may download it to my Kindle and stop waiting next to my mailbox.

6. Is it hard on you when people ask you if you’re ‘The Melissa Francis who wrote that awesome book?’ or do you just roll with it?

I usually lie and say we are the same person. It makes me seem so much more hip and multi-faceted. It’s much better than letting people think I just write about boring market events, the economy, and what I need at the grocery store.

So now @MelissaCNBC is my new BFF. Or I’m her evil twin. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. She’s GRRRRREAT! (Yes, I found the commercial on YouTube. It’s terrible quality, but it’s AWESOME)

Thanks for playing, Melissa. Your book is in the mail.

manic mondays

I’m interviewing my friend and fabulous Ghost Huntress author Marley Gibson over at Fictionistas today. Pop by and comment for your chance to win a copy of book 2 in the series, Ghost Huntress: The Guidance.

This weekend, we had fabulous, fall-like weather here in the Rock. Very unusual, but very welcomed. I honestly don’t remember an August with such cool weather.

So Saturday morning I was interviewed on Daybreak (which is a local, very popular news show). I’m working on getting a copy of the interview to post here and on my Facebook fan page.

I really enjoyed the experience. I wasn’t nervous like I thought I would be. I think the laid back, casual atmosphere in the studio helped that alot. Todd Yakoubian and Jason Pederson were both very fun, funny, and helped set me at ease. My only concerns were that 1: they would say something funny that would make me snort on air (I’m a snorter, you know) 2: they would ask me a question and the first thing out of my mouth would’ve been something um, inappropriate.

Neither happened, so it’s all good.

I’ve received tons of glowing feedback from family and friends, which means they love me unconditionally and know better than to tell me the truth.

I watched the interview once and haven’t been able to watch it again. I want to fix the way I answered a couple of questions, I want to stop talking with my hands, I want to actually look at the camera once and not the TV (sheesh, what a n00b) and I want to lose about 45 more lbs….

Yeah, I know. I’m my own worst critic.

Hopefully I’ll have a copy of the interview soon and you guys can decide for yourself.

Thanks to Jessica Childs for contacting me and to KATV, Jason Pederson, Todd Yakoubian and the very funny camera guys for treating me like a Hollywood super-star. Y’all rocked!

Also interviewed on the same day was Big Brothers and Big Sisters Auction and RazorRock

Pop by the auction and bid on something. the proceeds go to a very worthy cause! And pop by RazorRock and learn what it’s like to be a Little Rock Razorback Fan!

Woo Pig Sooie!

Interview with debut author Jeff Rivera

Forever My Lady is a love story, isn’t it? Or is it a coming of age? How would you describe it?
That’s a good question. I say it’s what you want it to be because it has a little bit of everything in it. But to me it’s a love story first and foremost and it’s one that’s very nostalgic for adults because we all remember our first love and I think we all have this desire to be with our soul mates like Dio and Jennifer do.

Do you feel that you’ve been treated differently by people because you’re published by a major publisher?
There’s an element of respect and acknowledgement that goes along with it yes. But to me I was happy just self-publishing. This is just an extra bonus. Like icing on a cake. Believe me though, there are pros and cons to being published by a major publisher.
You speak all over the country to schools and to young people in general. What is one of the most interesting things they’ve asked you?
I think one of the most interesting things they like to ask is if I’m single or not. Kids are so forward nowadays. They also ask me about my past and what life was like when I was their age. They say kids are different now but at the core they are very much the same as we were at their age. They all want the same things we wanted and maybe still want.

What about you do you think most people would be shocked to know about?
I think people would be shocked at how much of a kind of boring every day life I live. I mean I do the social functions and hang with friends and do all the high powered lunch meetings with people too but my day to day routine is just sitting at home typing (that is when I’m not procrasting) Answering these questions is so much more interesting to me sometimes than writing.

Where can we get Forever My Lady?, or bookstores all over the country.

About Jeff:
Once homeless and living in his car, award-winning novelist Jeff Rivera writes passionate stories of those often forgotten and neglected by society. He believes even in the eyes of a gang member, even beneath the soiled clothes of a bag lady or behind the tears of a lonely kid in the back of the class, there lies a common thread that links us all, the universal human story. He has made it his personal mission to help change the way the world thinks in a positive way through his stories. Mr. Rivera currently lives in Miami, Florida. Adopted by his Filipino stepfather when he was seven years old, his ethnic background is Black American and Native American.

Leave a comment and get a chance to win a copy of Jeff’s book!

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