write less and win!

I write like I read. I hate overdone passages of detail and superfluous words that slow down the pacing and are only put in the text to show how fancy the writer can be.

It’s not my style. When it comes to writing, I’m a minimalist. My biggest strength is dialogue. Truth be told, if I could write a dialogue only book and get away with it, I would. Because frankly, dialogue is where the story is for me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t read wordy, big books. That means oftentimes I skim multiple passages in those books because frankly, if you can’t tell me in just a few words the exact shade of blue the sky is, then I don’t want to know. And if you bury something important in the middle of a ten sentence paragraph describing the exact shade of blue of the sky, then shame on you.

It could be undiagnosed ADD. I really don’t know, but I honestly don’t have the patience to wade through all that description especially when the only purpose of the paragraph is to prove what a good writer the author is. I just want to read a good story. I want to be engaged in the characters…not in the description of where the character is standing.

So I thought I’d have a little fun today. I have two extra copies of Roxanne St. Claire’s Now You Die (the 3rd book in a trilogy, the 6th book in the Bullet Catcher series). If you want to win a copy, all you have to do is describe yourself, your day, your life, your work…something about you…in 5 words.

Here are some examples:

Two houses, two cities, sucks.

Will be waiting tables soon.

Kids are fun when asleep.

Love/Hate relationship with Pug.

Fishdog makes me laugh alot.

Good friends make it better.

Who’s in? Let’s get our less is more groove on folks!

"home" sorta

Actually, I fly back to Little Rock tomorrow, but I’m no longer at the beach. Sadness does not begin to explain how I feel. I love the beach. I was separated at birth from the beach. The beach and I are soul mates.

Now if I could only get the Fishdog on board with my constant, unyielding need for the beach.

Last night, I started reading FIRST YOU RUN by Roxanne St. Claire. How have I missed her books? Can someone please explain this to me? This book hooked me immediately and even though I was so tired from traveling last night, I couldn’t put the damn thing down. Of course, this meant I had to buy her back list. Amazon.com loves me.

Seriously, if you like Romantic Suspense, run out and buy her Bullet Catcher books. NOW YOU DIE was released on Wednesday. Sockmonkey was on the program…where have I been?

There are 6 books in the series, but the last three are a trilogy all on their own. So, click these links and buy those books. Go ahead, I’ll wait..


There. Don’t you feel better? I know I do.

drunk on a good book

Poor Sockmonkey. Yesterday was not a good day for her. She had the worst time trying to recover from overdoing it on night one. While I was playing, she was sleeping.

Being the good friend that I am, I let her dry out.

Today, she’s feeling better, but she’s still a little tipsy. And this time, it’s not from the booze. She’s drunk on a good book.

Roxanne St. Claire
‘s book, NOW YOU DIE was released today. Go forth and order it.



This is book #6 in her awesome Bullet Catchers series.

Sockmonkey is riveted. You will be too.